ZL Coaching

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What you receive:
  • Exercise Plans, Diet Plans, Habits Compliance and Goal Tracking, Holistic Health Advice and Guidance
  • Training Plans for all Fitness Levels Including: Learn the Splits, Beginner Flexibility, Ashtanga Yoga Flows, Advanced Running, Intro to Plyometrics...and many more
  • Structured Guidance and Personalised Accountability Strategies
  • Flexible Payment Plans for all budgets
  • Constant 1-2-1 Support 
  • ZL Challenges to keep you motivated
  • Weekly check-ins to track your progress
  • In Person Client Boot(y) Camps 

Personalised Workouts & Diet Plan

Real-time Tracking

Progress Reviews and Support

Transformation Portfolio

Dynamic Workouts

As an online fitness coach, I am frequently asked to explain the nature of my services and the approach I take to assist in achieving a desired goal for my clients. Simply put, my mission is to help women achieve their fitness goals and transform their lifestyles through personalised virtual coaching that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Programme Logistics

Weekly check-ins - Weekly tracking of your progress to ensure you are hitting your goals and staying accountable to me as your coach. This will also be a chance for me to review your plans and see if I need to change anything. Updated plans - as you get stronger and start to make the changes in your body we want, the workouts need to reflect these changes in ability in order to progressively overload your body, and keep making the gains we want! Thus every 4 weeks I will write you a new programme to follow to ensure you do not plateau, and stay on track with both your training and your nutrition as we go.

Body Metrics & Health Tracking

My online coaching services are delivered through my app, which provides direct communication with me as well as detailed tracking and recording of workouts and meals. Each client receives a custom designed plan that is regularly updated every four weeks to align with their progressive journey as well as their needs and goals. These plans include video demonstrations of exercises and detailed nutritional information, allowing clients to learn the most effective ways to fuel and strengthen their bodies in a sustainable way.


What sets my coaching apart is the unparalleled accountability and support that I offer throughout each client's journey. While physical distance may separate us, I am always accessible to answer questions, provide guidance, and help clients stay on track. My clients consistently value this level of engagement and dedication, as it enables them to achieve sustainable results and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the long term.